Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

If you haven't noticed (which I sort of hope you haven't), my blog posts have been a wee bit on the truncated side lately. Why you may wonder? I have been spending every second I'm not working, sleeping, eating, or bathing (yes - don't worry - not started to smell yet) working on crafts for the fabulous finds craft show this next weekend! Eee! It is scary how quickly time sneaks up on you! So since I haven't had time to do anything halloween-y this year I thought I'd reminisce with the darling little wide-set eye smile pumpkin I carved last year instead:

Further proof throwing a little gimpy smile on anything makes it super cute! Happy halloween everyone! What are you going as this year?


  1. I did notice the posts, but I also knew why.

    I'm going as a new mom zombie - a mombie? Instead of brains I want sleeeeeeeeeep.

    Jean is Yoda. Strong is the force with this one. I'll send pics soon.

  2. Horatio Caine from CSI Miami (what can I say? I like wearing suits!). Went out, and five minutes in, people thought I was the Alliance Agents from Firefly, searching for River Tam.

    "Um, yeah, that costume idea is MUCH cooler... I'm to totally THAT."

  3. a very cute pumpkin !! i love it !!