Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mini Break Vol II - Smithers!

Looks like it is time for my mini break number two! This week I'm on my way to the Canadian (sort of) north of smithers to visit my sis leslie and...

my neice jean! Yup! That's right, that baby my sister was working on in that belly of hers has made its way into the world (on sept 23rd actually) and is ready to meet her auntie kate! I can't wait to give her the super adorable purchases I made on my last mini break to victoria! Lindsay thinks I need to work one of them into "jean's daydreams" blog post taking after the mila's daydreams post I did a week or so ago (and naturally I totally agree)! It will also give all you blog readers a chance to see the entire cute baby and not just the picture of her feet my brother in law neal took! Sneaky! We'll see if I can muster up that much creativity, but I suppose I will have my mom and sister to help out! Fun!

Besides bonding with the baby I've got the entire week off work to visit so I've got big plans to get ahead on some crafting projects, work on being a good penpal (assuming I find my address book...), whip up some entertaining blog posts, catch a little r&r, and make a trip to prince rupert (to shop at the coolest store in the north of BC, homework!). And even though I'll be away from my etsy shop I won't be away from the internet so I'll be able to stay up to date with blogland! Woo! Hopefully this time I'll do a better job of photo journalism too...but only time will tell on that one...that baby is pretty cute. Chances of getting over excited and forgetting to photograph? Medium-high. Rats...


  1. Baby! I hope you're up for a shift of holding her while she cries for no reason...

  2. How did I miss this blog!!! We are here in Smithers and we are loving the new family member. I forgot how tiny newborns and how adorable! I love when Wee Jean sleeps on my lap. My heart has been stolen by a teeny baby. Mom