Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Banjo!

Time to take a little break from my hectic crafting schedule and take a mini road trip down to vancouver to see the most banjo-tastic band - Mumford & Sons:

Hooray! Why yes you may recall a similar trip down to the coast I took in May to do pretty much the same thing - but this band is so fantastic I just couldn't pass up the amazing opportunity! Luckily lindsay was on the ball and got us some tickets before they sold out too! I'm looking forward to some hand-clapping good times as we sit in awe of mumford & sons pure awesomeness. I mean how many times do you see the lead singer belt out the tunes while playing guitar and kick drum? Probably not often enough...take a peek at one of my favourite songs of theirs (be warned - foul language involved! Not for the kiddies!):

Oh so good! And terribly exciting for me! I hope to also fit in a little shopping, visiting, and transportation of hazardous goods in there and be back tomorrow night to get back to crafting! That craft show is looming right around the corner after all...but since I somehow managed to sprain my left wrist cutting out felt, this weekend trip might be a nice little break from all the slave labor! Hey! Maybe I will even manage to take a few pictures of the band this time! Woo!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! Hope you don't sprain your right wrist clapping along!

  2. Wow!Should be fun. I hope your eye doesn't impede your enjoyment of the show... I don't know, Dude. A sprained wrist from cutting felt and a scratched cornea from combing your hair? Crafting and looking awesome are dangerous occupations!

    PS: What are the hazardous goods?