Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Packaging!

About a week ago I shared some shots of my new button packaging I made for a wholesale order and it seems to be a hit! (Check it out here!) I also starting discussing how I planned on using some recycled cardstock for the items I am going to be selling at the art gallery this year and finally they are complete! Very similar to the first round of button packaging - just brown. Take a peek:

I really like how they turned out and I think the brown cardstock is a good choice to attempt to stay environmentally friendly and let the colours and designs of the pinback buttons stand out! Sticking with the recycled card theme I came up with a similar design for my new pocket mirror packaging:

Why yes - it is extremely similar to the button packaging - but that was sort of the point! Just keeping with consistency! So (not surprisingly) I used the little ciliated bacillus speech bubble idea again for my art/postcards:

Put them all together and you've got quite the scientific culture collection:

I'm so pleased with how it turned out! I chose a variety of different illustrated goods to sell at the gallery store so here's to hoping they are thrilled when they get to open up this box:

Hooray! So if you're in the area you should make a stop by the kamloops art gallery store and go shopping! They even have smoking lily and floating goal iceberg items there making it pretty much the coolest shopping destination in town! Yay! I hope my products go over well...what do you think?


  1. Major love for your packaging. Did you order it from a company? I'm still trying to figure out packaging for my product now that I'm doing markets...

  2. I was at the art gallery yesterday looking for your buttons, etc. and they weren't there yet. Maybe next week. Mom

  3. AJ - I made all the packaging using photoshop and my regular old printer. It doesn't have a glossy finish like professionally printed stuff but I think it suits the recycled card well!

    Mom - When I dropped the box of goodies off she said it will be up in the extended gallery store by Nov 13th at the latest!

  4. Looks great! Very "sweet" and "charming."I'm "especially fond" of them :)

  5. Adorable! We are doing a entrepreneur project for our Girl Scout Troop and the girls want to make buttons/barrettes and mirrors and sell them and Id like to get them some nice packaging like this! Where did you buy the cellophane bags and bag toppers to print? Oh! And the felt bags, where can we get those/how can we make them?

    Thanks for your help! Your designs are ADORABLE by the way!