Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sparkle Pom Pom Return?

A few months ago I recreated the loving tale of my mom's evil cat percy (el gato diablo) and his obsession with sparkle pom poms (link!). I have never seen a cat go so crazy over a toy he just couldn't take his eyes off of it:

Well just the other day I was reading a post on Cow Milk Bubble's blog where they gave their kitties a package of toys from modern cat to celebrate founder's day (the day they found their cats in lieu of kitty bday). What was in this package? Why an orange sparkle pom pom:

Looks like percy isn't the only cat who loves them! In fact cow milk bubble's kitties spend hours carrying it around with segments of hissing and growling to protect their loot! What fun! So next time you go cat toy shopping (which is often right?) try to pick up a pom pom or two...I'd love to hear how it turns out...


  1. My trouble with sparkle pom-poms is finding them after Percy has chased them around the house. Most go with gravity and end up in the basement so that is the first place I look. He sure does love them, and he's not evil he is just miss understood. Mom

  2. after i read your post all those months ago i went and bought my mums cats a packet of sparkle pom poms - they went crazy happy!!

    Of course i gave them like 30 at one go so still months on little sparkly pom poms are turning up in odd places :)