Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Find: Maranon

This week's find is all about meticulous embroidery and bold accessories! Check out the lovely goods (or at least my favourite product) of etsy's Maranon:

Pretty much the epitome of hand embroidered accessories, maranon uses rich colours (hooray for jewel tones) and bold geometrical shapes to create their eye catching designs. And if necklaces aren't your thing lorena has a variety of other products to meet your needs. Oh - and bonus fun fact - a "maranon" is actually the spanish word for cashew apple! Neat! Turns out lorena named her shop after the fruit because apparently the fruit displays all the colours visible to the human eye throughout its developmental stages (perhaps like the vast colour scheme of her pieces?). If you're really intrigued I recommend checking out her etsy interview...or her shop...or just this blog post (which you've already done if you're reading this!) Yay!



    this one's my favorite.