Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pack it up, pack it in

Apparently the etsy sales stars have aligned for me! After my week haitus, my shop is back in full bore and the sales have been rolling in! Giving me the wonderful joy of lovingly packaging up orders to take to the post office! What fun! I've also managed to take my sales up to a record 450 there leaving me a mere 50 more before hitting the landmark 500 point! Just think of all the manila envelopes I'll get to send out (which, by the way, is still one of my favourite things about selling). Check out the nice little stack I sent out before work yesterday:

And since we're on the topic of packaging...I thought I'd take this time to share the new button packaging I came up with for a wholesale order I made with mary at the revelry boutique gallery:

Any thoughts? I feel they are more practical for store selling than the folded button cards I use for sales in my shop for a plethora of reasons. Ooo! List time!

I like the new packaging because:

1) You get to see the buttons right away! How eye catching and spectacular!

2) They tell you what the designs of the sets are (mary's idea) - which clears up those "who the heck are those old people?" and "what is that smiling hairy blob?" questions I hear quite often at craft shows...

3) They are sealed! Perfect for avoiding any buttons from falling off and getting lost or those sneaky shoppers who rearrange packages (just like how we all make underwear packages to have no white ones...or is that just me?)

4) They are more professional looking. Maybe? I thought so...

5) More store display options! Oh the possibilities! You could stick them on a dish, make a mobile, or hole punch the card and hang them on a rack! Fun!

Clearly I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out - and in case you aren't overly convinced here is a close up shot to sway you:

I'm thinking these packages will be perfect for the button sets I'm selling at the art gallery this year too! I've got a big stack of recycled brown cardstock that is just waiting to be printed on and cut up! I'm also planning to alter the card a bit and customize some for pocket mirror packaging too! That way all my items will be unified to some extent and wonderfully sealed and ready for xmas gift purchasing and giving! What do you think?



    Actually, that's pretty much exactly what I said when I saw this, and I wanted to capture it online.... for posterity's sake.

    Seriously, your button packaging looks amazing. Really couldn't get more perfect. I anxiously await the day you have to hole-punch the top of those packages, so that they can sit on display pegs in stores. :)

  2. LOVE love LOVE it!!!!!! I would want to keep the packaging too!!!

    And I picked you for a blog award!

  3. ...let me begin,
    Love love love it. I agree with Dave, I would love to see (but only if necessary) those bad boys hole punched and hung on a giant wall of pin backed glory.

  4. I love the packaging, they turned out so well!
    I ended up attaching self-adhesive magnet strips to the cards and stuck them on this picture frame as a temporary display until I come up with something better.

    They look fabulously cute, and I hope they do well in the shop :)

    Thanks so much, Kate, and happy 1st blogiversary!

  5. PS: I wanna see the new pocket mirror packaging!

  6. I'm so happy you like it Mary! I tried to come up with the most versatile packaging possible! And I will definitely post the mirror packaging when it's done!

    1. I love the packaging - Im curious as to the size of the card stock after it's cut? Preparing for a Cancer awareness holiday event

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