Thursday, October 14, 2010

Owl Smores!

As I've already talked about once this month, I am a huge fan of candy corn. Each year around halloween I rush to the stores to get all the candy corn I can handle! This year has been a particularly ample candy corn year since I'm living with fraser now and he loves to support my candy obsession (yay me - boo my waistline)! Candy corn certainly seems to be an acquired taste since most people I talk to hate it (with a fewer amount thinking it is pretty okay). My mom dislikes it so much that when we saw this candy corn wreath on the cover of woman's day magazine last week she thought it was the perfect use for such a foul treat:

I thought it was pretty cool looking...but what a waste! I'd much rather skip this project and make one with black feathers and a crow or something...

Anyways - wreath aside, my owl barn has done it again and shown me yet another owl related tutorial I am dying to try out! And best of all? It includes candy corn! Check out this super awesome owl smore:

Nummers! Looks pretty simple too! Now I just need to take a trip to the grocery store for marshmallows, yellow chocolate melting bits, chocolate chips, graham crackers, and candy corn! Or maybe I'll skip the smore part and just get the candy is pretty cute though! What do you think?


  1. I think it looks really cute. For me, the logistics of making two perfectly round melted marshmallows, with two layers of chocolate on top would render me a 2nd grader trying to complete one of Neil's art attacks...I would skip the smore part and just eat the chocolate, but that is because I'm sweet, you're savory.

  2. i used to like candy corn - then i brought a big bag to school in grade 6 & made myself sick off them.... now i can't even stand the smell. :P

  3. It's funny how when you overdose on something you love and then you can't eat it ever again. I did that once but can't remember what the item was! Mom

  4. I'm pretty sure I've overdosed on every kind of candy imaginable, but I keep coming back for more! I really like candy corn, but not nearly as much as cinnamon hearts! The owl is cute, but I think it would be too much work for something I wouldn't really want to eat. Instead I'd rather make pumpkin cookies!

  5. Okay, I'm gonna sound weird here, but I am of the belief that a smore is not a smore until there is peanut butter on it. Apparently, this is not normal - where I grew up, though, EVERYONE put peanut butter on their smores.

    I have a pretty good excuse not to eat candy, but if you put swedish berries, sour patch kids, or mini eggs in front of me, bad things often happen. :)

  6. Mom - it was cherries. You hate cherries.

    Leslie - pumpkin cookies are awesome! but only with candy corn on them (hehe)

    Dave - you're right. it's only you. no one puts peanut butter on smores. (however smores made out of chocolate covered graham crackers is wonderful!)

  7. Owl smores are awesome!!!! I would have never thought of that!