Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Road Trip: Prince Rupert

I'm not sure if anyone picked up on something I said yesterday in my road trip to smithers post (it was a speedy post and I didn't draw much attention to it...) - but I said how I saw seven sea otters during my trip. Well...if you know anything about the geography of british columbia this should seem a little fishy since smithers (noted by red dot) is not on the coast:

So how did I manage such a magical wildlife spotting you ask? I took a day trip to the lovely rainy (and I mean rainy) coastal town of prince rupert! Hooray! And even though I didn't manage to take too many pictures during the torrential downpour (again...seriously...so rainy) I did snap one of my most favourite part of rupert - the wonderfully cow themed sites of cowbay!:

Yay! So much fun! Leslie and I ferried over to rupert a few summers back when I was up visiting her in haida gwaii, and despite the awful ferry ride, I was stoked to make a return visit! Ooo! And after a little sight seeing with my parents, a tea at cowpuccinos, and some puttering around I got to go to the most fantastic shopping experience in the north of bc too! Woo! Homework (the focal point of that image above) is such a fun place to shop at. They have everything - from tea and spices to clothing and a fabulous selection of jewelery! Two floors of overloaded shopping senses - and a convenient excuse to get out of the rain! Double win! Check out that retail glory:

*Sigh* so good! If you're ever in the area I certainly recommend stopping by - it is worth your while. Oh and after you should go for lunch at breaker's pub! It's just down the road and looks out over the docks on the ocean, which (as I was hinting at back at the beginning of this post) is where we saw the cute little sea otters playing in the water! Hooray! But if you're not up for venturing all that way, not to worry, homework has a lovely website to check out...and as for the otters...maybe check out this cute video of two of them holding hands? Adorable! Internet for the win!


  1. Best store ever! I'll have to take Jean there in the spring.

  2. Good plan! Better make a stop in opportunitiesville and get some cacti too!

  3. You forget to say how the rain was running down my face! I can't remember when I was in such heavy rain, maybe when I walked to school in Richmond. Mom