Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Pumpkin Cozy

Knit and crochet cozies are awesome. Nothing like a touch of wool to help keep your hands cool from a hot coffee cup or to jazz up and keep in the heat of your tea pot! I often sport a cool apple cozy I won last winter from UnravelMe's shop and it does a great job of keeping my royal gala's bruise free! Well now you can take your covered fruit/veg to a whole new level and make a knit pumpkin cozy:

Oh that is so cute! I totally think my mom should make this (hint hint) to put on one of her 20+ pumpkins for the month of october before she gets to carving them. Then you'd be able to enjoy a crafty/homely jack-o-lantern without having to deal with a gross rotting pumpkin part! Good thing craftzine offers this pumpkin knit cozy pattern free of charge on their site! And once again providing further inspiration to get me to learn how to knit! If only I had time...maybe next year?


  1. hhhmmmmmmm what was I planning to do today? Buy a pumpkin? I only have 13 pumpkins... that sounds like a good number for Halloween this year. Mom

  2. I think that if I went to the trouble of knitting that, I'd just fill it with plastic bags or something. Putting a cozy on a pumpkin is weird to me.

  3. tea cozies should look like hedgehogs, i think
    - Lucas