Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Find: Magasin

Today's find is the one and only magasin! An etsy shop full of cross-stitch wonders you're sure to fall for. Check out this sampling:

I really enjoy how awesomely handmade everything in her shop is and the designs are to die for! I'm particularly fond of her homewares section (because everyone needs more mustaches on their walls) but am also keen on her great accessories! What are your favourites?


  1. i like the ring! cute little birdy :)

  2. Wow, someone who likes cross stitch as much as me. I haven't done any in awhile. Must look at my supplies. Mom

  3. Wish I knew where my mustache glasses are...

  4. LOVE Magasin!

    I just received her Love Moose pin in the mail yesterday and wore it today! It makes me happy :)

    I tried cross stitch once ... never again ... I can totally appreciate Magasin's needle skills - Great feature!