Sunday, February 27, 2011

spring please!

I'm not sure about you but I am pretty much done with winter. This recent cold snap is less than enjoyable and I feel myself preparing to give that groundhog (who predicted an early spring) a good piece of my mind! Snowy chilly days are great during that festive pre-xmas weeks but come late february they can take a hike. Since the cold doesn't seem to be listening to my ranting I figure I'd share a fun craft to artificially trigger spring - a grass rug:

Nothing quite says "goodbye winter" like being able to walk barefoot in the super lush greenery and since there is no sign of the ground defrosting where I am this is probably the closest I can get for the time being. Lion brand does it again with more wonderful free patterns and best thing about this one? You can knit or crochet it! Hooray! Finally a non bias craft pattern we can all do! Any takers?


  1. That is HILARIOUS! It looks like one of those carpet things old people put on their toilet seats. I like the idea of telling winter to take a hike though.

  2. Thank goodness I am not an old lady so I don't have to get a toilet cover. (We had them when I was a kid though.) Mom

  3. Aw, such hatred towards shag carpets...! =)
    Nothing tops the delight of walking on a fluffy surface like this one. The different shades of green are the best part!