Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lion Brand V-day Freebies

With just a handful of days left before the 14th (a.k.a valentine's day/singles awareness day), I thought I would share a few cute crochet patterns perfect for the occasion (and there is still enough time to make them too!). My sister sent me the links to the cute love birds and envelopes and once I signed up to be on the lion brand pattern list (which was super easy and free) I fell in love with the little bear and rabbit too! Aren't they adorable?

Oh my those are sweet! Maybe I will have to take on fewer craft shows next year to spare up some time to make these! (okay - that probably isn't going to happen...but maybe...) And best of all, now that I have a niece to smother with presents I actually have a reason to make amigurumi toys! Hooray! Now just bring on the unlimited free time and I'm set! (Oh and no strained wrist too please...) Oh! - and be sure to buy enough yarn to make the whole project too - you wouldn't want to end up in the same "sold out of vanna white's speckled grey yarn" boat my mom fell into for a few weeks there. How is that knit monkey coming along anyways?


  1. So cute! Are these difficult to make?
    check out my giveaway if you haven't already :)

  2. The monkey is done!!!! I just have one shoe to make. Monm

  3. Cute! Amigurumi is surprisingly easy and fast. And I love that you can use really cheap acrylic yarn and get a fabulous product - and that gauge doesn't matter so you don't have to spend time checking it before you begin!