Monday, February 14, 2011

singles awareness day!

It appears as though we've managed to make it to yet another february 14th and day dedicated to gushy love crap has arrived! I'm (clearly) not big into the holiday (if valentines even counts as one) but I do enjoy appreciating those around me and I am rather fond of hearts! I am also quite fond of dinosaurs and this card from the regional assembly of text pretty much sums up the level of romance I can tolerate (mind the terrible picture - I planned this post late last night when good lighting apparently wasn't available):

Hooray! But I wouldn't say I'm a complete love grinch - after all there are a few things I really enjoy about today - like cinnamon hearts! and that glorious influx of mail! Oh! And I also really enjoy the morse code necklaces from coatt! Just check out this one that spells "love:

That's my kind of love declaration - simple, gold, and amazingly subtle! Woo! How do you plan on spending your valentine's day?


  1. Haha - I'm pretty indifferent towards V-Day myself! My boyfriend and I don't do anything day-of BUT we do make a trip to our local grocery store on February 15th to grab all of the Valentine's candy that's put on clearance :)

  2. So far I've been taking care of my baby, which is just like every other day, but also pretty good. I can't wait to hear what Fraser gave you for Valentine's day - he's big into presents and making you feel good, isn't he?

  3. I have nothing to say today and I doubt your Dad even know it is
    valentines day! Mom

  4. More code necklaces are pretty clever. I don't actually know anyone who knows morse code by heart though. Me and my boy didn't do anything big for it other than eating homemade cheesecake and watching The Cat Returns. :)