Thursday, February 10, 2011

creepy cool

I don't have cable tv. I'm actually quite against getting cable tv and definitely think my life is better off without it. I don't have to sit through hours of advertisements tricking me into buying things I don't need and I don't have to run my life around when my favourite shows are programmed. That being said - I do enjoy buying seasons of tv shows and I often get addicted to them (which is wonderful since I can watch them ad free whenever I'd like). One show I'm quite fond of is dexter. I wasn't sold on becoming a fan of this one (after all it's about a serial killer in miami) but after getting season one in a sale bin for $12.99 I'm officially hooked. I've now blown through seasons 1-4 and am patiently waiting for season 5 to be released. A few of my coworkers share my passion for dexter and even if we do disagree on some things (like how much I dislike rita), I'm sure we would all agree that this dexter themed dining room from elle decor is pretty neat (and pretty creepy too). Take a look:

Those pops of red on white are stunning but the whole plastic lined floor thing is just a bit much for me. Check out a few detail shots:

I'm not quite at the fan stage to start redecorating my house based on it, but I think it would be super fun to throw a dexter themed party! Hey - I could even make dexter blood slide suckers from instructables:

Fun! And yes...very disturbing too. But if you haven't given dexter a try I certainly recommend it! As for myself, I've been catching up on a few other seasons while I'm waiting for dexter season 5 to be released. So far I've watched (and re-watched in some instances) flight of the conchords, freaks and geeks, fringe, black books, smallville, glee, and sex and the city - all perfect companionship for my hours and hours of crafting on the couch. Anyone else a dexter fan out there? Or any fun show recommendations for me? I'm all I guess...


  1. we have cable...but never watch it. we keep it for my mom (we live with her). we always watch shows on DVD (south park, kenny vs spenny, twin peaks, arrested development).
    i also watch a lot of shows online while crafting! lately i have gotten into dexter! i really like it. the other show i have been watching is modern family. it is really funny :)

  2. I think the picture over the mantel is the creepiest of all creepy. Maybe it is just me, but I'm not a fan of a pieced, blood spattered canvas that creates an artful representation of a decimated body.

  3. You got an unfortunate? What the heck? I like Dexter - and dislike Rita - and I think I watch a bunch of those other shows too. I am currently watching season two of Arrested Development. And are you really rewatching ALL of Smallville? Aren't there, like, a hundred seasons of that? :)

    Let's make those suckers in May!

  4. Hematophobiac. I bet ONE of your readers is a little queezy when there is blood, hence the unfortunate...especially when its on the backs of chairs. Time to up the awesome factor.

  5. EEEK! While I was reading your gruesome blog, I heard the weird eerie sound upstairs and wondered if Percy had finally gone over to the dark side! It sounded like a glass bottle rolling across the floor, So up the stairs I go. Here it was a new toy I bought him today! Three little plastic ball with bells in them! . You can hear what ever you went when you are reading creepy blogs!

  6. I have never watched Dexter but I am very like you in tv watching habits. I get things in box sets and watch them obsessively after everyone else has seen them usually!
    I also love Black Books! I didn't know there was interest in it accross the water.