Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the crafty preparation continue...

Things are remaining super busy in my life as I frantically spend every waking moment preparing for my upcoming craft show. My last fabulous finds show in november was super fun and successful and as soon as I was invited to sell at the spring sale I jumped on the opportunity! I fondly remembered all the fun people I met, all the customer feedback/showers of compliments I received, and what a positive experience it was for me. I didn't take the huge amount of work/slave labor into consideration and since the last show was so successful I didn't really think about how much product I needed to recreate for my next sale! Whew! Well now that I've spent the last month trying to get a head start on crafty preparation and not getting very far I've decided to kick my crafting into high gear and get creating! So far I've managed to restock my illustrative goods (buttons, magnets, mirrors, post cards, stickers, and the like) and now successfully finished making more plush microbes! That's right - previously sold out e.coli and pseudomonas have rejoined the adorable infectious crew (and in full force):

Woo hoo! Check out that tower of wide set eye smiles! I ordered more safety eyes off etsy in january (since you certainly can't find them in kamloops) and once they arrived I started plush making! After many hours of cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing they are done and not a moment too soon! The plush microbes aren't a huge seller of mine online (the shipping is pretty much the same as the germ cost - darn you canada post) but they do sell quite well at shows which is awesome. After all who wouldn't want a little chlamydia, e. coli, pseudomonas, or anthrax as a present? I'm in - especially since these are the cute non infectious versions. Who is your favourite?


  1. I like pseudomonas... but first. Did you really say you wouldn't not want one? I'm confused!

  2. Since I don't know which ones are which I will have to say all of them rate pretty high with me. Mom