Saturday, February 5, 2011

perpetual crafting...

I'm not sure if you've spotted craftzine's perpetual button calendar before, but when I saw it I was sold. Just combine some wonderful fabric you want to showcase year round with a handful of buttons, some tacks and a glue gun and you're set! Take a peek:

Oh wonderful! I'd really love to make this one because even though I have a lovely calendar in the kitchen to keep track of my life, I don't have a calender in my crafty nook to keep track of the date (and more importantly what date I should schedule blog posts for)! Looks like it's time to add a few more supplies to my shopping list! As for the weekend - I'm determined to have the most successful crafting weekend of all time! Okay...that may be a smidge optimistic but I do hope to get a few items whipped up and crossed off my list for my craft show in march - after all - I am determined to not be doing any last minute scrambles this time! Wish me luck! What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Just what I need - - - another reason to buy buttons! I'm pretty sure I could find thirty-nine buttons in my sewing room. mom

  2. I need to make this!! I love it! This would make a cute Christmas gift for people, too! :)