Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow and Kells

After reading about all the snow many of you from the east and south have been getting I thought I'd post a picture of what I woke up to yesterday morning:

A nice white blanket of snow! I actually haven't seen it snow for that long in a while and it certainly brightened up the neighbourhood from the mucky dark wetness that was hanging out just a few days back. I hear it is supposed to be 7 C today so that nice crisp snowfall is sure to have melted by now but it is nice to appreciate the quiet that snow brings. Mmm!

All that snow and cold gave me the perfect excuse to spend the day inside crafting (even with my bum wrist) and I watched the most wonderful film called "the secret of kells". It is a charming movie about a young monk's journey in combating fear and illuminating an ancient unfinished book. We decided to rent it under my friend jim's recommendation (which is always a little sketchy if you ask me) but I decided to go for it (pretty much only because there was a cute white cat on the cover). The film turned out to be completely amazing and full of breathtaking imagery to keep you hooked! Just take a look at a few shots:

Lovely! And the perfect companion for a day of embroidering little wide set eye smile faces on unfinished plush toys! If you haven't seen the secret of kells yet, I highly recommend checking it out - even if only for the animation...oh..and the cute irish accents...


  1. The images you posted are beautiful. Mom

  2. Based on the Book of Kells? I know you can get colouring books with images from it. Oh, and you call that snow??? We got 10-12 inches yesterday!

  3. What a beautiful movie. Specially the parts in the forest... Magical!