Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Road Trip: Vancouver

This past weekend I took a road trip to vancouver with fraser and his parents. We'd been planning this trip since before xmas but it ended up taking us until the end of january to find a time when we could all head down together! It seems that I failed to take my camera out of my suitcase for the entire trip (a much too common trend I seem to be keeping) so I don't have any pictures from the weekend (boo). And even if the stay was short, we certainly had a super great time and I even learned a few things (list time!):

1) It is awesome being a passenger rather than a driver. You get to enjoy the scenery a bit, take a nap if you want, and don't have to deal with the horrible snowy dark foggy mess that was the coquihalla highway on friday night!

2) It is even more awesome being a passenger when you're with someone who knows where they're going. Hooray for not getting lost on those busy (and confusing) one way streets of downtown vancouver.

3) The four seasons is a super great place to stay. They have delicious smelling l'occitane en provence soaps in each room, it is conveniently located right above pacific centre, and they have quite possibly the best pillows I have ever slept with. Seriously. I think I may need to go pillow shopping this week because the pillows on my bed at home just aren't cutting it! One downfall of the hotel = no free internet access! Ack! Good thing I only had to go 48 hours without it (I doubt I could last longer than that). The room also didn't have a coffee machine so the tea bags I brought remained unused. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

4) Fraser's mom knows all the good crafty shops to go to! Even if I didn't find a ton of sewing supplies while I was there I know where to go next time I'm there and looking!

5) The non stop rain we had on saturday reaffirms why I love living in the wonderful semi arid desert of kamloops. The sun did pop out on sunday making for a lovely trip to deep cove though!

and 6) I enjoy shopping so much more when I know that I am either (a) getting a wicked deal, (b) finding something handcrafted and one of a kind, or (c) spending crafty profits dedicated to spoiling myself (and not groceries and bills)!

Just check out the wonderful loot I picked up:

Woo! Looks like I'll be busy making lots of cards and toting around green accessories! And if you're thinking a few of those purchases seem a little odd (i.e. bushel of green sticks, giant rolls of pink rectangular stickers, more stolen paper doilies) not to worry - I have craft projects in mind for those! I also picked up some super bargain clothing basics that are currently in the wash (and not in the picture). My favourite purchase of the trip was the amazing purse I got on main street. I've been wanting to get myself a really nice matt and nat bag for a few years now but haven't actually managed to find one that fits me just right! They're always the wrong size or colour and I could never come to investing in one. Well the tables have finally turned. I spotted this wonderful piece from across the store and knew I'd have to take it home with me:

OoO! I am in love with this purse! When I showed my purchases to jim he asked me why I bought the same bag twice. Jim! They are entirely different bags! One was super duper cheap, has a long strap, a small size, and will be used for shows when I want something big enough to hold the cds I buy but not annoying to cart around while this bag while the matt and nat bag is the perfect size for day to day toting, can be dressed up or down in an adult way, and is the most dreamy shade of olive green perfectly matching my ginger haired ways. I should know better than to argue things with jim! *sigh*. Oh well, I can't wait to work all of my new purchases into my daily wardrobe! All in all the trip was a roaring success and I'm looking forward to more vacation weekends with fraser and his parents in the future! Next time I'll try harder to unpack my camera too...but we'll promises...


  1. Jealous! Obviously those are completely different bags, silly Jim. I would like to meet this new purse soon.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time. I can't wait to go to Vancouver when my foot is healed and I can walk longer distances. Mom

  3. OMG- Not only was I was in Vancouver that weekend,too, but I was also at the Four Seasons!!! What are the chances of that??! Too bad I didn't know - it would have been cool to meet you!! That's way too bizarre!! I was on the 25th floor! It is a fab hotel - they were super nice, and I loved the restaurant!!