Thursday, February 3, 2011

belated pen pal replies

Yesterday I shared with all of you some of the sweet loot I picked up during my weekend trip to vancouver and guess what? I've already put some of it to good use! Nothing like a trip to main street to inspire my card making and just in time too - I'm very much overdue on some pen pal replies! Hurrah! I love mashing tons of different elements together to get some truly unique card creations that (hopefully) are appreciated. Here is my favourite of the bunch I whipped up:

Yup - quite the layering of stripes, stickers, a doily, and stamps for that completely handmade card look. But the fun didn't stop there - I actually ended up with six different cards:

Yay! Six cards for six pen pals! I'd love to have kept going but when I was trying to tally up how many letters I needed to write I came to the sad realization that of the dozen people that messaged me from indie fixx's pen pal project I only ended up with three pen pals which has dwindled down to a single loyal letter writer (and vix - I do enjoy your letters!). Alas. Good thing I've got five other buddies across the country who still send me mail! Hooray! I guess letter post isn't everyone's cup of tea but I am certainly a fan. In fact, I'd love to increase that pen pal list to more than six if anyone out there is dedicated to written correspondence. I guess that is the flaw of the age of internet - instant computer communication is just taking over! Anyone else out there manage to keep up with a pen pal or two? OoO! And what do you think of my cards? Which one do you like best?


  1. So pretty! I'm an obsessed and avid card maker, I'll cut out pretty much any paper products to make into cards.
    Love these! My favorite is the one with the dark polka dot background on bottom left :)

  2. My favorite is The pink one with a coffee (tea) pot. I have been writing Donna in Manitoba for over 45 years! I consider her a pen pal. Mom

  3. Did you buy stamps??? Awesome! I love Urban Source - I can't believe I didn't take you there when I lived in Vancouver. What a weirdo! I have those blank cards from Chapters too. Maybe I should get crafting! And for once, I really like how the doilies look! Me? Liking doilies? Must be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence!