Saturday, February 26, 2011

A sheep in the hand

When I started selling on etsy back in 2008 I was overjoyed to join the mad scientists of etsy (msoe) group! It gave me the wonderful opportunity to meet and share with other science loving crafters and have some fun participating in group events. Each month we do a crafting challenge where each member is invited to make an item based on the month's sciencey theme. February's theme was Keith Campbell (one of the scientists in charge for cloning dolly the sheep) and I was thrilled to get back in the swing of doing the monthly challenges! Since I am a sucker for felt, brooches, and cuteness I decided to make a dolly felt brooch - take a look:

Isn't she cute? I am really happy with how she turned out and I especially like how her face looks:

She's got wide set eyes and everything! Plus I am a strong believer that brooches are highly overdue for a comeback so hopefully someone will snap this pin up from my shop! Heck, if it's successful maybe I'll even start a line of felt brooch creatures! Any ideas? What do you think?


  1. LESLIE WANTS FELT ANIMAL BROOCHES! Was the all-caps rude/clear enough for you :) That is the cutest! I want you to make a series of them, though a little bigger, for the wall in Jean's room. Have I mentioned how bare the walls are in there? It's depressing - needs many cloned Dollys!

  2. Dolly is beautiful! I hope she is a big (yet, little) hit. Mom