Monday, November 22, 2010

sketchbook fail

Back in the beginning of july I signed up for the sketchbook project, an awesome program where you buy a sketchbook, pick a theme, draw up a storm, and your finished book travels the US in a series of gallery stops:

The deadline for signup was october 31st (sorry if you're too late!) and I was so excited to have signed up in the summer to get a jump start on things! After all it is due in january - that is tons of time right? craft lead to another and quickly enough my sketchbook arrived and didn't even make it out of the envelope. In fact it has remained in the envelope until a few days ago when I decided to do an update:

Oh my. Talk about putting thigns off! (and suiting since I just did a discussion post on procrastinating)! So now how far have I gotten on my "it was a record year for rainfall" themed sketches? Let's look:

Yup...not far at all...but I am pleasantly surprised on how neat that picture turned out. Instead of drawing I've had my hands full whipping up loads of mustaches for some friends movember celebrations and their eventual new home in the kelowna boutique "frock":

Wow! That is a lot of felt facial hair! Now to sew, stuff, and stick them! Whew! Then, hopefully, I will get on that sketching thing...maybe...


  1. well, i have a bit more in my sketchbook than you - but i'll really need to get cracking on it if i want to finish by January! hopefully i'll get lots of sketching done over the holidays...

  2. this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your sketching. for instance why not cover a page with water soluble pencil and leave it open under some weather or since you may be having snow instead of rain make some rain. If you don't want to wrack the book I'd suggest pasting a page into the book...

    Nice 'staches BTW

  3. Since it was supposed to be a Moleskine and isn't, I wouldn't feel too bad about procrastinating on this project. You were misled when you signed up! That's a homemade sketchbook, not a Moleskine...

  4. My sketchbook looks s empty as yours!
    Although I must say I find the texture of its pages delicious! So creamy...