Monday, January 31, 2011

Monogramed Mug Tutorial

Even though I originally saw this project well before xmas, my hopes to attempt it never actually happened (surprise surprise) but thought it would be fun to share anyways - just in case you are looking for a nice late winter present giving you may run into. Take a look at these wonderful upcycled monogramed mugs from man made diy:

Fun! And oh so easy - all you need to do is pick up some plain mugs (they got theirs from the thrift store), a porcelain pen, and a little creativity! Then you just draw up your initial on the mug, bake, and give! They even added a cute hot cocoa mix inside of each mug for an extra special touch. I'd really like to turn this idea into a more complex project by swapping some sort of design up for the monogram and have my own custom tea cup! I then realized that I really don't need any more mugs...or tea pots for that matter...just look at my cupboards:

In fact I even have an extra shelf in my cups and plates cupboard for the overflow mug collection:

Eep! So many mugs! I do use them all though (by rotating through the collection during my daily pot of tea) so it isn't that impractical of a collection right? I'll tell myself that anyways. Maybe I can make some limited edition scientific culture illustrated mugs for an upcoming craft show instead. That way I still get to dip my hands in this fun custom upcycled mug project without having to figure out what I'd do with all the finished pieces. Genius! What do you think? What wide set eye smile kate drawing would you like to drink out of?


  1. I bet I would go nutzo making all sorts of mugs once I got the supplies... and then have 600 mugs in my cupboard :)
    Christmas would have been a good time for this!

  2. Ah, if I only drank tea or coffee, I might be in the market to do some mugs up. Letters are fine but you should let your imagination go wild. Mom

  3. I love this! I have way too many mugs at home, too, but I think there's always room for one more. And this is such a great gift idea, too! :)