Thursday, December 16, 2010

Always room for bacon...

When I saw this rad bacon ornament tutorial over on seremeres blog I just had to show my friends at work:

Even the vegetarian girls loved him! So I decided I would recreate my own felt version to include in my gift exchange present this weekend. Can you spot him on our tree?

Okay, so it is pretty obvious on such a tiny tree. But still let's take a closer look:

There he is! Oh bacon! I changed the ornament pattern a smidge so that I wouldn't have to include the wire that seremere had and I got some nice xmas-y gold ribbon to jazz him up! Check out the front and back of the bacon:

Further proof that adding a gimpy wide set eye smile to anything makes it adorable:

Cute! Our gift exchange has a $15 limit so I think I'll throw in one of my little zipper pouches and the bacon and hope that he is a hit! What do you think?


  1. Yours is much cuter with the close set eyes and that cute little smile! Mom

  2. So many bacon references this week. Is there something going on that I am completely unaware of?

    I refer, primarily, to this:

    That being said, I think your bacon ornament is definitely cuter. And I sort of want one, because my Christmas tree is definitely sort of bland this year, and that would give it some "sizzle".


  3. Nice. I think I like the open mouth smile a little more because it seems like he's talking, but yours turned out really well too. I would totally like that as a present! I'm sure it will go over well at the gift exchange. You should make one for mom to hang next the the pickle.

  4. I know someone who would really love that bacon ornament for Christmas. Maybe next year I can commission one from you!

  5. I LOVE IT!!! It turned out so great!