Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mustache Bouquet!

My crafty preparation continues with an item I quickly sold out at my last show - mustaches on sticks! Perfect for photo shoots, silliness, and the facial hair impaired these babies were a total hit. I've decided to come extra prepared this time around and made a ton of them - take at my glorious mustache bouquets:

Okay - so they might not be as bright and cheery as flowers are, but they are certainly fun! And available in a variety of shapes and colours:

Hehe! I tried to be smart about the mustache production this time and made loads of the most popular styles (dark brown and black traditional stache - 2nd from the bottom in the pic above) and fewer of the less popular ones (walrus, blonde, and grey staches). I still think a bit of variety is a good thing though - since if I've learned anything about craft shows it's that people really like to be able to chose their own favourites (especially kids)! As always the staches took me longer than I had expected but I did manage to finish them in february (my goal) which is awesome and hopefully I've made enough that they won't sell out this year (even though they are on the show's poster so that might draw some extra mustache customers). Plus if I did make too many I can drop them off for consignment at frock again (kelowna consignment selling is so rad)! Double win! What do you think? Which is your fav?


  1. Too cool- imagine getting a bouquet of these delivered- I would giggle myself silly :)

  2. The third one from the bottom is my favorite! Maybe your Dad would like one. He never cold grow a mustache but he makes up for it with hair everywhere else! (Okay not on the palms of his hand or the soles of his feet.) I once met a man who had hair on the palm of one hand but it was crippled up from an accident. Am I rambling along too much? Mom

  3. I think getting a bouquet of mustaches would be the best thing ever ^_^ My favourite is the 3rd from the top, on the right side!