Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jumping for Joy!

I snafoozed this from just something I made's blog:

It was just too darling to pass up - and so true! Your comments (and awesomes) make my day! Thank you to all my lovely followers and readers for supporting me and my blog! <3

I also just realized that I missed my half-year blogiversary! As of March 9th, I've been blogging for 6 whole months! Hooray!


  1. Warning! Do not watch the dancing lady too long or she will make you dizzy. Mom

  2. Weird. For some reason, this didn't show up on my dashboard. Blogger is being interesting today... although, I knew there would be a kate post, so here I am! Commenting on a post about commenting! Woot!

  3. Nice! I am great at making comments... usually. Actually, sometimes my comments are downright unrelated to what you're talking about -- though they're also often full of great ideas!