Saturday, March 27, 2010

A dabble in the world of postcards!

As I strongly hinted towards on thursday, I've taken my sister's advice and made some sets of scientific culture postcards! I've been slowly introducing them into my shop over the last few days, but in case you haven't caught them here's a nice montage for you to drool over:

Yay! I'm having a really hard time deciding which set is my favourite, especially since I chose the five designs that are closest to my heart, but I think the love robots may be winning the competition. I love how fantastically professional and high quality the printing at was and am in love their super glossy finish! Now you can celebrate post and keep mail alive with a set of anthropomorphic geeky postcards wonderful for sending to friends, family, strangers, or keeping for yourself! Hooray! I mention in my item descriptions that these are all "limited edition" cards, but let me reiterate just how limited these cards are - I only made one of each set. So I guess I'll see how they sell and if it is worth my while to reprint! What's your reaction?


  1. These are so cool! I think people should buy them and frame them like art cards. They may never get to fulfill their destiny as post, but they'll live on forever in their geeky awesomeness.

  2. I agree with Leslie! These are just so freaking adorable! AAAAARGH!

    And the tea ones have already sold!
    Nooo! I got here just too slow :(

  3. I LOVE the Robot ones with the hearts. I also love the kitty ones because I love cats :D They are adorable. And the science ones are too cute as well. I think the veggie and tea ones are my least favorite, but I can see these being more chic and selling really well like that so I am glad that veriety is in there. Still super cute all around!

    If you get more printed you should sell them in sets like this and then sell smaller variety packs perhaps? Maybe you get to pick 3 random cards and send them out!

    These also look like terrific free handouts for a Comic Con table! I would totally take/ buy a pack of these there.

  4. Damnit Kate. Fast enough for the tea but too slow for the veggies. Reprint Reprint Reprint.

  5. People certainly like the post cards! I am one of your postcard admirers. I love the new website design. Mom

  6. Holy Mackeral! Those things look amazing!