Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh my!

Anthropologie is the most fantastic shop I've ever stumbled across amidst my blog reading! (Well besides etsy of course). I often see cool trendy online clothing stores and can pick out a few items I am fond of, but I like pretty much every single item in this one! Seriously! I just spent an hour sifting through the site and have fallen in love with so many pieces. Here are a few I'm drooling over:

I'm honestly considering driving to Edmonton to shop in their store in real life. It's like every item they sell is one of those awesome, "makes an outfit," statement/investment pieces. *Sigh*. It's too bad everything is so far out of my price range I'll never be able to get any of it. Well, I guess I could use my stellar credit and buy some but I'm just too logical to take that route in life. But fraser, when you get those lottery winnings can I have a good $5000 to splurge on anthropologie goods? Heck - let's fly to their UK store and make a weekend out of it. Sound like a plan? In the mean time, I totally recommend skimming the online pages of fashion glory. Pick something out for yourself while you're at it...

In other news - Happy mid 20's linds! I'm just showering and then heading down to kelowna for our two day bday extravaganza! hooray!


  1. Well, I have to say, I like the store name! But then, of course *I* would, right?

  2. I thought there was one of those in Vancouver... maybe not?

  3. I would like to post a complaint!

    I, Q's budget, am not pleased in your recent discovery. When you say "I like pretty much every single item", you tempt your readers into checking it out. And, well my dear friend, this budget does not allow for such day dreaming. This continuous teasing of wonderful things must either come to an end, or resulting in more Q+K crafting time. Your choice!

    Sincerely, Q's Budget

  4. I have $5000 in monopoly money I can give you...