Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Find: Fleurografie

I came across the charming etchings of this Belgian graphic artist Ronald Ceuppens in an etsy chat room! His little crowned bird avatar drew me into his Fleurografie etsy shop and also happens to be my favourite piece! Take a look:

He has whole collections of works based on different animals and often adds little pops of colour making his works spectacular and original. I'm especially fond of his larger etchings in his deer series! I would love to have a few framed pieces of Robert's work someday...perhaps when I actually have a house...minor details...


  1. Very nice! Moo!!!! (My moo order arrived and is EXCELLENT). They gave me a mini card that says "Yay! You're our new best friend!" and the postcard packaging says "keep mail alive!" and "Cards to Post!"