Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello March!

With February quickly behind us it's time to celebrate the month of march and the potential arrival of spring! (Er...I mean the wonders of leslie's birthday?! Yeah...that's it....). We can also celebrate national crafting month (thanks jacob), a very lindsay inspired new playlist (I love you Adrian Glynn!!), and the march installation of my kittens inspired by kittens inspired calender:

Here's to hoping this month of full of me successfully sticking to my goals and to do lists! And maybe even get those etsy sales up while we're at it...sounds great! I'm also enjoying this free march desktop calender from wild olive! Nothing beats super cute wide set eye smiles - even if they're on a mossy rock. What march things are you excited about?


  1. Kate, I feel as though I have been represented in a playlist? Or perhaps it is simply the constant bombardment of songs and my traveling alone(get your passport!). Did I mention this post is awesome and so are you. Awesome? Awesome!

  2. Oh, The first four awesomes are from me, you silly git. Sign in, sign out, makes you like me more?

  3. Lesse. Amazing things to be excited about in March:

    1) NHL Trade Deadline (WOOT!)
    2) St. Patty's Day!
    3) Full Time Hours!
    4) Camping!

  4. 1. LESLIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    2. Spring Break!

    3. Trip to pick up "new" car!

    4. Starting the Stitch 'n Bitch crochet afghan from BUST!

    5. International Women's Day/Neal's birthday!

    6. In like a LAMB!

    7. Yeah! Cantaloupe on sale at Safeway!!

    March is the BEST MONTH!!!!!!