Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing like gummy bears to perk up your living space

I saw this fantastic gummy bear chandelier on Make: a few days ago and couldn't resist sharing it! Darling little acrylic gummy bears are sure to add depth and interest to any space right? Take a peek:

The colours are amazing but what a ton of work that would be - convenient that you can buy one from jellio online then! And if you like that you should check out the cool giant gummy bear lights they have, or this gummy bear rug! May be candy crafting revolution begin!


  1. How would you dust it? Wouldn't the gummy bears melt? Mom

  2. Where do they sell acrylic gummy bears? I WANTS!!!

    Very cool. My birthday is only 364 days away (hint, hint).

  3. ooo it looks so fun!! it'll be awesome for a kid's room!