Thursday, March 18, 2010

the cutest sneeze in the world

Not too long ago, fraser and I road tripped to the wonders of salmon arm! (Why yes, I love going to salmon arm - just like I did here and here in fact!). Yet again I didn't manage to take any super fun road trip pictures, but I did manage to buy a boatload of cool stuff! I think this is the first time I've actually ever really gone there when it wasn't sunday (when half the stores are closed). Bonus! I actually may have over splurged a bit at my favourite salmony store, the lake effect, but hey - that's half the fun right? My best find? The most percy like postcards ever:

Talk about perfectly illustrating a cat's personality! Wowee! Super cute too! There were 30 postcards in that sweet deal package but I figured those 4 best describe typical percy behavior. Especially this panel:

Hahaha. Check out those teeth. Too funny.

I also managed to pick up a bunch of fantastic necklaces I can't wait to work into my wardrobe. You may even be privileged enough to catch a glimpse of them if I ever get around to being a bloganista. For now you can just imagine how awesome my outfits are though....that's just as good right?


  1. Percy licked and bite me yesterday, just like that. Only he doesn't have that many teeth, thank goodness, I only have one little cut. If a person ever tried to break into our house he would be met by the attack cat. Okay, even people who we invite in could be greeted that way but we try to keep them safe. Cat lovers are the worst as they think he is so cute and often don't believe he would bite them. Oh, ye of little faith. Mom

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