Thursday, March 25, 2010

Me and Moo!

What's better than a little post to cheer you up when you're sick? (Oh - for all you blog readers that don't know me very well - I'm ridiculously sick with a plethora of diseases/infections thanks to the joys of my lupus-y immuno-compromisation! Ick!). Take a look at my most fantastic mail:

That's right! I took my sister's advice and made a custom order to! (There's even blog evidence in my post nut and bee and moo) . I absolutely love the quirky little messages on their packaging! I feel like this company pegged me spot on! I totally wish all my order receipts rejoiced over our new found best friend status! Plus they use awesomely sustainably sourced paper for their products and are uber high quality. One of my postcards does have a dark green ink splotch on it, but otherwise I've had a fantastic online print experience! Woo woo moo! (to quote my sister - after all she is aiming for my blog to change its name to "scientific culture...and leslie").

So I'm sure by this point you're totally wondering what I ordered right? Well if you've got stealthy ninja investigative skills you could stalk my online moves and figure out, or just be held in suspense for my next few blog posts...your call...


  1. Moo, I have seen the cards,etc. and they are all adorable. See there are advantages to being Kate's Mom (besides her being a wonderful too Leslie). Mom

  2. I LOVE my Moo cards - my buyers have always been happy with them, and people are more likely to keep them because they're so pretty!

  3. You are to funny. I think I will wait for you to show me.

  4. Those are so cute ^_^ I'm going to order some soooon. (As soon as I get around to it ;P)

    I wanted you to know that I've passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you :)

    Thanks for being a beautiful blogger!

  5. I can't wait for them to start offering stickers to their North American customers. Yay moo! Yay Leslie! Woo woo!