Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stop Motion Knitting

Yet another instance where I crave learning how to knit:

I totally love how they use knitting as imagery for warming up the house in the morning and am particularly fond of the yarn shower stream! Sort of reminds me of that knit bicycle I spotted back in september in victoria. Allow me to refresh your memory:

I've seen quite a few "knitting graffiti" instruction/picture books during the last few trips to bookland too so I guess this sort of public yarn crafting is the hot upcoming trend! I think I'll stick to geeky wide eyed smile science cuteness for the time being. Unless you think knit micropipette cozies are soon to be all the rage? It does sort of challenge the whole idea of "aseptic technique"though...just saying...


  1. I love to knit but don't seem to get much of it done right now but there is no way I am going to cover anything that isn't a head, hand or body! I do like to knit little creatures though. Knit One, Purl Two. Mom

  2. You can knit little creatures for my little creature, Mom. Or for me. Whichever.

    That video is AMAZING!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I want a house covered in cozies. This reminds me, I should get back to finishing that tea cozy I started for you. Right after Jacob makes me an Awake tea latte...