Monday, March 22, 2010

Do you have a card?

When I decided to open up an etsy shop I figured one of the first things I'd have to do is brand myself. Once I decided on "scientific culture" as my shop name and niche (in attempt of a play on words sort of? No? Am I the only one that gets that?), quinn helped me come up with a banner for my shop and sweet business cards. She told me to keep my eyes peeled for cards I am fond of and what it is about them I like. Being the overachiever I am, I started picking up business cards like no other! This craze quickly grew into a full fledged collection which I ever so neatly organize with those baseball card holders they sell at the dollar store. Behold my current abundance of business cards:

I love flipping through my binder of them and fondly remembering where I picked up each card. It's sort of like a photo album/journal where I can recall great road trip and etsy purchases I've had! It's also like an added perk for going to new places and shops in hopes of discovering new business card gems! It has almost reached obsession stage since I'm really craving a trip down to the states for some renegade craft fairs solely for the purpose of picking up cards from their amazingly talented crafters! Okay...that isn't actually the only reason I'd go - but it certainly adds to the appeal. Next time you buy something from a cool shop take a look at their card and while you're at it, send it my way. I've got loads of space left in my binder...


  1. Hey! I recognize some of those cards! Well... only three... but still.

    I guess I should dig up some awesome Victoria cards to send your way, eh?

  2. I forgot to give you one of my MOO mini cards on spring break! I brought a selection and everything!

  3. Looks like some great reasons to send me mail!

  4. I'll have to make a card to give to you! Now when will you receive it? Who knows, I'll just write myself a note to remind me to do it. Mom
    P.S. Note to self make Kate a business card and give it to her.

  5. Oh, my husband and I do the SAME thing! We finally went out and bought those sleeves to keep them in, because we weren't sure what to do with our collection >_<

    Go figure when two graphic designers get together, right? :)