Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nom Nom Nom

Nom nom nom! What yummy buttons! Damn, that cat is adorable!

But you know what this means? My buttons are finally complete! Hooray! Time to restock the shop with all my sold out sets (microbes, scientists, love robots, and mustache kitties) as well as the sweet new ones (geek wear, lab ware, mushrooms, tea, and rain! - veg to come later in limited edition form). Now I just need to find some time to photograph them! Exciting!

I've got some other big plans for my pinback collection...perhaps another giveaway? Hmm...we'll see...


  1. Oh my holy hell! Look at all those buttons! Does want them all! Mmmm...

    Must save my pennies!

    Was thinking about collaborating with a giveaway with my book review blog. Was thinking maybe pinback buttons or bookmarks or something. Guess idea would be to get folks to promote promote promote for the both of us and then pick a winner.

    Anyway, tis just a little idea and I wondered how you might feel about that?


  2. That pile of buttons would give Percy indigestion! It looks wonderful though. Mom

  3. I've never seen Percy this hungry before. Except for when he's looking at my feet or hands of course! ;)


  4. Is it tacky to wear 15 pin-backed buttons at once?