Monday, March 15, 2010

Coolest wall art ever!!!

Bringing a whole new meaning to portrait art, the folks at dna11 combine genetic technique and print to make sweet dna art pieces using your very own dna! Amazingly cool! And it even looks neat:

They're available in a whole range of colours too but that classic black and white is extra appealing if you ask me. Heck, if it wasn't so ridiculously expensive I'd have one of these in an instant! Well when those imaginary lottery winnings come my way you'll all know my first splurge...


  1. You know, if you want imaginary lottery winnings, you first have to buy an imaginary ticket....

  2. Hey! I'll have you know fraser buys lottery tickets all the time! I just imaginarily spend the winning for all good girlfriends do...

  3. Nice! Aren't you all DNA savvy? Couldn't you whip up a facsimile of your own DNA? Or, say, the DNA of some sort of cellular molecular creepy crawly?