Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finest Yeti Packaging!

As you may remember, I featured a few of finest imaginary's acrylic pendants at the beginning of february in a friday find. Clearly writing that blog post was so thrilling that I gave into internet etsy retail therapy temptation and purchased two of the pendants I showcased! Well my awesome pendants have arrived and they are even more darling in person! Best of all? The super fantastic waving yeti on the packaging! Take a look:

She looks like a darling little sister of my own thumbs up yeti and everything! Just when I thought my love for that shop couldn't get any bigger! I love well packaged items so much - I think it's part of the etsy purchasing mystery/experience. In fact I think I may need to purchase something else on etsy soon...hmm...

In other news, my lovely felt feather brooch made it into the MSOE feather challenge treasury! Catch a glimpse here (I even have some wonderful flattering comments! How lovely!). Or if you weren't speedy enough to see it live - here's a picture:


  1. The yeti is pretty cute. Do they really bounce? Mom

  2. That looks like a half yeti-half icelandic bjork-ish child...

    Did etsy birthday presents arrive for me?!?!?!

    "darling younger sister"... pah!

    Nice work on the feather. It is awesome.