Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More pom poms?

Since I'm long overdue for another pom pom post - here's some cute pom tutorials from maedchenmitherz! First off is an adorable pom pom bunny! I really like the pictures she's taken for this one (hooray for gingham!) and easter is just around the corner after all...

Second comes a little pom owl for all you owl lovers...such as my mom. Great for all owl-y occasions! Look at those extra cute little bird toes! How darling!

I am oozing with jealousy about her pom pom making contraption too! I can't believe such a pom enthusiast like myself is still back in the dark ages of cardboard circles! I need to get with the times. Another awesome thing about these projects? They're tiny! Hooray for instant crafting gratification! My fav!


  1. I like the bunny better than the owl so maybe I am not as big of an owl lover as you make me out to be. Mom (Okay, I do have quite a few owls hanging around and not one bunny.)

  2. Pom pom maker=investment piece