Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pinback Peek (3 of 6)

Hooray! Let the pinback buttons adventures continue with round 3 of 6! (recall round 1 and round 2). I thought I'd break up the "I chose all of leslie's design ideas" trend with one I came up with! Mind you - I didn't come up with it all on my own - the idea grew out of a post I was reading on etsy's blog "the storque" on potential upcoming trends for the etsy world! It forcasted that alice in wonderland themed items will be all the rage as far as crafty trends go, so I figure I'd jump on that bandwagon and do some mushroom buttons! The fact that I've sold out of my mushroom and gnome mycology finger puppets quite a few times further supports my decision on selecting these adorable fungi - and hey, mushrooms are awesome!

This set includes everyone's favourite ascocarp (morel) joining his basidiocarp cousins for the dikarya subphylum reunion! The middle momma and baby fungi are psilocybins (magic mushrooms) and the cute spotted red guy is a classic toadstool (amanita)! Whee! Science is so much fun! And so are these buttons! What are your thoughts?


  1. What can I say they are so cute. Oh, I have a sparrow singing his heart out outside of my window. He is chirping to try and attract a mate. Mom

    P.S. I love spring and the birds in my birdhouses. I wonder if it is the same bird as last year? Do sparrows return to the same nesting place and if so where is last years female?

  2. Hey! Awesome! They look like fun guys....

    ha ha ha ha ha! Get it?

    ...i should go back to bed.

  3. I have decided the fungi are my fave. Plus all of those varieties grow on Haida Gwaii! Maybe you should do a Haida Gwaii themed set of buttons... you know, raven, eagle, crested puffin, pacific blue dolphin, Queen of the North (hehe), Hecate Sponge, sea otter, sand dollar, agate, bull kelp, glass ball, dungeness crab, the Wasco, Emily Carr tree, humpback whale, Stellar's Sea Lion, Chinook Salmon, Queen B, ancient murrelet, pigeon guillemot, black bear, teeny tiny white tailed deer, sphagnum moss, sun-dews, sitka spruce, giant acorn barnacles, nudibranchs (like this one! http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2008/06/nudibranchs/doubilet-photography ), salmon berries, CMTs, and much much MUCH more. Oh, the ideas! Oh, the ability to sell them at On the Rock! Oh, the free ones I would get for coming up with the idea!!!


  4. I love sun-dews! I saw them at a nature preserve in Richmond many moons ago. They were enchanting! Mom