Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Find: Cleaner Science

I saw this item when I was surfing the science geekery listing on etsy and couldn't help but fall in love! Cleaner Science puts their knowledge of 4-way isolation bacterial streaking to good use by making petri dish soap! Check it out:

It's even grapefruit scented! Double win! What could be cooler than washing with bacteria? (Well...imaginary bacteria that is...). Another rad thing about this shop? I'm on their favourites list! Awesome! Science geeks unite!


  1. Pretty nifty! Mom
    (I'm not in a comment mood today.) Oh, no Kate will give me heck for saying that. Now maybe Leslie will too - Is "that" a word you are not supposed to end a sentence with. Or is "with" one of those words? I'll stop while I an ahead or behind?

  2. With is one of those words. With is a preposition, and one is discouraged from finishing sentences with a preposition. However, that is a relative pronoun, and can go at the end of a sentence whenever you want, provided it's not really a "who" or a "which" you're really meaning to talk about.

    Geeks unite, indeed! I need to research more grammar geeks.