Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crafty Preparation!

Well my very first craft show is quickly approaching (eep! It's on saturday!) and as promised here are a few updates on items I have been creating! Hooray! It's so nice to feel semi prepared (I have quite the plethora of stressed out organizational lists and totes! Thanks linds), but there is still a ton left to do so the next few days will be dedicated to working diligently (with help from fraser and mom I hope...). Okay - lets check out a few of the items I have completed though:

1) Fabric Rings

Super colourful and fun - and available in a variety of sizes! Lovingly displayed on the fantastic ring stand fraser made for me too! I told him once the show is over he'll have to start buying me more rings to fill the stand he made...I don't think he agreed with that statement...

2) Felt Flower Brooches

A project I took on last xmas for a few friend's presents - until I realized how difficult and time consuming they are to make! But they are so adorable I couldn't resist! Plus I wanted a few "not overly science-y" items for the show since it is in a coffee shop and that niche science geek market will not be too overpowering. I managed to make 20 of these gems, in varying colours and am so happy with how they turned out! Lindsay wears hers all the time (and I've worn mine on a few occasions) and the response is always wonderful. I'm most fond of the yellow, but the dark grey and dark purple also tickle my fancy - you decide on your favourite:

3) Moo Order Two!

I was weary if these would show up in time - but fortunately they arrived with loads of time to spare (yeah - a whole 4 days!). Thanks to the wonderful hole punching, ribbon cutting, and tying efforts of jim and lindsay I have a whole slew of bookmarks to sell/give away and restocked postcards! (Bethany I'll set a tea set aside for you if you're still interested?). I love how charming moo's packaging is (they even remembered me!), and am always impressed with their super thick, environmentally friendly, cardstock. I may have even snuck in a few thumbs up saskquatchs for a springy edition of the yeti. Take a look:

Yay! I'm still frantically preparing for the show, and am still working on whipping up the sleeves and tea cozies which will hopefully get completed in time. Stupid real job is annoyingly getting in the way but I'm really buckling down to prepare myself for the show. I figure tonight after work I'll finish cutting everything out, get first six sleeves ready for sewing while embroidering the last three. Then I'll magically time warp back in time and get the tea cozies done...okay...not so likely...but a girl can dream. I also need to work on figuring out my layout for the table and make some price tags to get laminated. Whew!


  1. Ouch! That is quite a list you have going. Hope you (we) get everything done! Mom

  2. Buttons, you have buttons done too!

  3. Holy Mackerel. You've got a lot of stuff going! It's gonna be a great show. Once you get this one under your belt, you'll have to do the sunday government street sale here in Victoria (hint hint).

  4. I thought I had a busy week, sheesh! I really like your flower brooches - too cute! Good luck on Saturday - I wish you many sales :)

  5. I like Mom's comment :) He he he! You'll have to do a post thanking all of your slave labour! Those rings are kind of interesting. I didn't realize they were for fingers at first. I guess I thought they'd be napkin rings or something. Oh, and you need to start using capitals for people's names. It's hard to tell that 'linds' is a name and not a weird typo :)

    Have fun!

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