Friday, April 9, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

I've been working really hard at making up for lost sick time and have been buckling down on those blasted to do lists! (and by blasted I mean wonderful?) All this productivity has resulted in scheduling a nice boat load of blog posts for the next few weeks too! Hooray! Overachiever-y progress!!! All this blog preparedness has actually left me with a surplus of articles to share so just like last friday, I've got some bonus posting for you! Here's the stuff I felt necessary to add into my blog today:

1) Square-dancing Mushrooms from Articulate Matter!

Who doesn't love a little fungus and gingham crinoline? (Okay, so they're not wearing fluffy skirts - but that is one of the best things about square dancing). I've really been enjoying all the clay sculpted goodness from Articulate Matter ever since I stumbled across them back in March, and find it refreshing that the dikarya she chose are strangely familiar to my very own mushroom button set:

2) Mother's Day Treasury Feature!

Thanks to Slitely Askew for including my tea buttons in her awesome picks for mom! I loved this treasury so much I even purchased something from one of the shops featured! Any guesses on what I bought? The treasury is up until saturday evening so give it some click and comment love or view the timeless page capture here:

3) Wide set eye error messages from etsy!

Yup - pretty darned cute. I love how the yarn is sad the sweater has three arms too. I find I often end up in craft-astrophes like this and have no clue what I did wrong! Much like no clue what I clicked on etsy to get this image! Oh well! At least it's cute!

4) Fantastic/Crud-tastic developments!

It seems like every time I get one thing right something conveniently counteracts the awesome thing. Way to go life. Stop playing around. The list of good/not so good things includes:

- Great craft and dollar store finds/being sold out of the one thing I actually needed
- Finally getting over my plethora of infections/bombardment of more chronic incurable illness (rats!)
- Action packed crafting and indie rock May/doubfulness of being able to get the time off work
- Crazy amount of packages I'm expecting in the mail/only bills in the mailbox
- Epic brainstorm of ideas to blog and craft/No time!

Okay...I think everyone runs into that "not enough time and money" thing once in a while (or, you know, all the time?), but that is all part of the fun challenge of life! If you didn't have a few dozen hurdles to jump over then it wouldn't be as fulfilling when you get to the finish line. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself. Maybe you should just scroll back up to those mushrooms again and I'll pretend I left this post on a positive note...yay! Adorable mushrooms!


  1. Jewelry? (I had to make it a broad guess as I don't have a clue what you would buy. Maybe you can tell me when you wake up.) WAKE UP KATE! I guess you can't heard written screams. Mom

  2. Yes, mushrooms and happy thoughts! <3

  3. You bought that delishious wooden owl. Commmmon tell me we are the same person.

  4. Oh you bought the little owl pin didn't you? I saw it was sold soon after I put up the treasury. I love that little pin too!

  5. Yup - I totally snafoozed that owl pin the moment I saw it! Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail either :)

  6. Craft-astrophe! AWESOME.(very punny even!)

  7. Thank you so much! Yay for cute shrooms and the crafty folks who like them!

  8. Those mushroom buttons are soooo cuutteee!!!

  9. those mushrooms are so cute!!!