Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Front Page News!

Yesterday at 1am etsy time (sunday at 10pm my time) something wonderful occurred. Something I have been striving for since my shop beginnings back in october 2008 - one of my items made the front page of etsy! Sweet! The bad news? I was busy at work at the time of the posting and only found out about this fp glory long after the sightings. Rats! Such great news and I didn't even get to witness it! But all is not lost - my twitter pal Ele (minouette on etsy and fellow msoe member) was kind enough to link me to craft cult (a wonderful site that keeps screen shots of etsy's front pages in their archives)! Hooray! So if you're like me and missed my exciting moment - let's relive it right now:

Eeee! Oh woodland creature buttons! I'm so proud of you! And as a bonus the front page is not only elusive but also lucrative since I got home to 10 etsy sales! Woohoo! And that's not all...look what it did for shop visits:

Oh my! Totally the most exciting google analytics visit I've had all year! It also bumped up my etsy hearts from 877 to 907! Thank you to those 30 people who discovered my shop and loved it! I'm positively gleaming with excitement! I hope everyone is having such a great beginning of their week too! Yay!


  1. sooooooooo EXCITED for YOU YOU YOU YOU!

  2. W00t! That is a hugely impressive graph! Let's hope you make the front page again soon!