Saturday, July 24, 2010

Percy vs Sparkle Pom Pom

Before I begin this tale (of photographic wonder) I'd like to inform you that this is, in fact, a recreation of a previous percy-pom pom event. Ironically, the recreated tale ended exactly as the original (not even planned as such) making my picture taking and story telling much easier than I had anticipated. Sweet deal! Let's commence:

Behold - the sparkly blue pom pom:

I bought this little guy at "urban source" a most fantastic crafting supply shop (on my road trip to vancouver back in may) because it was sitting in front of a sign that said, "cats love us!" I immediately thought it sounded like a great excuse (or any excuse really) to buy Percy a present from my travels! Little did I know this pom pom was destine to be the best 10 cents I'd ever spent.

After arriving home I unpacked my things and came upstairs to show off all my bargain buys, including the sparkle pom pom. I held the pom for Percy to see...

at which point he quickly snafoozed the sparkly gift and bolted in the opposite direction (please note the blue pom pom in his mouth - easily the cutest thing he has ever done - and the most difficult to photograph)

Hooray! Percy must have really appreciated my gift and I waited anxiously to see what he'd do next...

Oh pom pom! Don't be smug - percy is going to get you! Blurry pom pom action sequence!!!

After playing for a while Percy decided the best way to kill the pom pom was to glare at it...

..and then take it to the kitchen! (Note the adorable paw to mouth move - very smooth kitty!)

He then chased it around the linoleum for a while before knocking it directly into the kitchen floor vent (darn those six month kitchen renovations).

Seriously. Direct hit. Sparkle pom pom has won this round by escaping el gato diablo's furry claws for a more restful existence somewhere in the heating ducts of the house. But not to worry Percy...

I managed to find an entire bag of sparkle pom poms at wal-mart. The battle can continue...


  1. That cat is clever and so are you. It must have taken ages to get all of those shots! Mom

  2. God. I'm such a wet blanket. First thing I thought when I saw that was "OMG, the cat is gonna choke on that!".

    Then I realized that cats are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, and enjoyed the pictures. I particularly like "the glare".

  3. That is sooo funny! I love the pictures.

  4. How adorable! My cat Otis LOVES sparkle balls....seriously his favorite toy in all of creation. Cute write up and pics :)