Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Puppies!

No better way to break up the monotonous kate blog post formula with some random puppies!

Aren't they cute? My sis shared this pic with me says they are wauzers (half westie and half miniature Schnauzer) that her friends from Haida Gwaii have! Too bad they are all spoken for otherwise I think leslie and I would need to take an emergency ferry ride over to snag them up! Hope the fuzzy cuteness perked up your day! Hooray!


  1. They sure are cute! Percy is cuter and easier to pet and love. Mom

  2. I want one of the next batch! They are too cute -- the black one is pretty cute too!

  3. I wish dogs could stay puppies forever. They are so adorable!

  4. @Katherine
    Oh yeah I wish too! I have a pair of shih tzu and a pug, they are really cute coz they stay small.