Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Find: Wooly Bison

Boy - do I ever enjoy a combination of recycled wool, super textured geeky prints, and purses! No wonder I quickly fell for the lovely eco-friendly creations of Seattle's Wooly Bison! Ooo! So many lovely choices! Here are a few I'm swooning over:

Those muted jewel tones are to die for! I either need to start saving (such craftsmanship comes with a hefty price tag) or start a search for great wool tweeds and herringbones for some homemade versions (frank undone worthy lindsay?). Any thoughts?


  1. Those are pretty awesome. I'd like you to start making some (and make one as a diaper bag - I'll need one of those).

  2. I'm on the constant search for the perfect bag, this looks really really nice. Thanks for sharing!