Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Find: bookhou at home

This week's find was discovered by some lovely blog searching done by lindsay! After discovering the bad joint, cat loving, crafty goodness of resurrection fern, lindsay was linked to bookou at home then linked me to both (hooray!). I quickly read back in their archives and in the round about (and wonderful) way I decided that Bookou should be the find of the day! Bookou at home is a charming shop full of screen printed linens I simply adore. Sad news? Her etsy shop isn't actually stocked with any goods to purchase - but nonetheless here are some of her awesome sold orders:

Who can resist purses, pouches, and tea cozies? Certainly not me! I mean look at those muted neutrals! Mmm! But all is not lost, she still have goods for sale on her website, and even if they're not the totes I'm drooling over they will do for the time being. Luckily we still have bookhou's awesome blog to live vicariously through too! Hurrah!