Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Peg Board turned Jewelry Stand!

I came across this tutorial the other day and fell in love! The folks at casa sugar show you a neat way to hang your necklaces without them getting all tangled - using peg board and knobs. Take a look:

Such a smart idea! Simple too! And it gives you an excuse to find neat knobs (I know you love knobs mom). Awesome! I do fear that my massive collection of jewelry might make this tutorial a little impractical though... but I still think it's a neat idea...


  1. Keep away from my knobs! I could help look for some. Mom

  2. This is a must do for the home that I don't have. I was, just the other night, thinking of doing a coat rack with a number of antique door knobs but the idea of using drawer pulls for jewellery is doubley exciting!

  3. Pretty snazzy. I could totally see doing this!