Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Post!

Back in june I signed up for ulixis' third (my second) "art cards, originals, & editions" (aceo) exchange. I came up with a pointillism mushroom I sent off to my exchange partner in Hawaii and got to patiently wait to see what card I would get! What fun! Well mine finally arrived and I am thrilled to bits with the aceo rhonda agee made for me!!! Take a look:

Isn't it wonderful? It's called "Percy" and was inspired by el gato diablo himself! When rhonda found out I was her exchange partner she went onto by blog for some clue on things I'd like and fell in live with that evil orange kitty! How thoughtful! She even sent me a neat paper card the percy aceo fits into (with envelope) if I wanted to use it as a card! She filled me in on the meaning behind the card (percy blog posts) in a super pretty painted flower card she made as well!

What a successful aceo exchange that turned out to be! I couldn't dream of a more suiting or wonderful card to receive! Thanks rhonda!!

This has also got me considering running an art card exchange of my own one of these days! Any potential takers?


  1. I'm in, but could we have a theme? I like themes.

  2. I agree! A theme is a must!

  3. Nice to know someone else likes Percy. He is evil but beautiful. Mom

  4. Yay! So glad you like your ACEO! :D It's too cute & perfectly you!

    I would definitely be down to participating in a swap if you decide to host one! :)

  5. EVIL. EVIL. EVIL. I'd probably do a swap, if it involved zombies or babies (or both!).